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In this section you will find more information about our current projects. Our company is ready to assist you with finding the right investment opportunity for your portfolio.

Launch of HUB NICOSIA Business Incubator

Latnana Holdings Ltd in collaboration with Synthesis Center For Research & Education Ltd have announced the start of the HUB NICOSIA Business Incubator.


The mission of the incubator is to identify new innovative ideas and to support their development. The incubator is aimed at small start-up companies, researchers and young entrepreneurs that are interested to develop new products and services to the benefit of shareholders and society in general.

The HUB NICOSIA will provide the necessary infrastructure, supporting business services, as well as funding schemes to a selected group of innovative companies, in order to enable them to succeed and grow in the market.

The main objectives of the incubator are:

  • To support new companies from setup until completion of growth phase.

  • To become a reliable partner and mentor for the companies that are based in the incubator.

  • To encourage researchers and innovators to transform their ideas into growing businesses.

  • To support social entrepreneurship, innovation and production of cutting edge knowledge and technology.

  • To contribute to the creation of alternative forms of funding (like the issue of social bonds).

  • To actively contribute to national and international research programs and networks.

Business incubators often provide a small seed capital for starting new business. As a compensation for this funding, the incubator gains a small equity share in the newly established company. The incubator can therefore act as a direct investment fund or facilitate funding from other external sources like government programs and through social bonds.

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